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Foresee Computing Services

Foresee Computing is a service, integration, and computer consulting firm. We specialize in small-medium size business catering to the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

Business Meeting


Consultative Services

This option consists of reviewing the business operations with one of our senior consulting staff and providing recommendations to provide for growth, to enhance performance, to improve reliability, or to reduce costs.

Business Infrastructure Services

This service consists of spearheading the technical aspects of opening a new office, branch office or new business, or moving your office.  Through years of experience, we have partnered with many companies that provide the complimentary services needed.  These include telephony solutions, Internet solutions, digital photocopy solutions, and electrical solutions.

Integration consultation

This service provides for the evaluation and planning of a proposed installation or upgrade.  Foresee Computing can act as an educated impartial consultant to provide your business with advice on which upgrade path to pursue.  We can further act to rate and summarize proposals from various service companies, such as Internet service providers, web page developers, and computer software integrators.

Typing on a Computer

Support Services

This service effectively involves sending a technician to restore service including data recovery on a time and materials basis.  The technician works on the problem continuously until service is restored.  While our best effort will be to restore service on-site, some problems may require solutions from third parties off-site at additional cost.  We also offer Remote Monitoring and Support Services. 

The following fees will apply:

$115.00/hr for computer repair and maintenance service

$150.00/hr for emergency on-demand and after-hours computer technical and repair service

$135.00/hr for networking administration, support, server service, router and firewall configuration

$180.00/hr for emergency on-demand and after-hours networking support, server service, router and firewall configuration

$110.00/hr for remote technical support services and telephone support

$125.00/hr for remote admin, network, cloud and server management services

$150.00/hr for consulting and project management services

$12.50/mth+ per desktop for Remote Monitoring Platform

$30/mth+ per server Remote Monitoring Platform

Pricing effective March 1, 2023

*All onsite support, service, and consulting services are billed on a minimum of 2 hours within the Greater Toronto Area.

*All onsite support, service, and consulting services provided outside the Greater Toronto Area carry a minimum of 2 hours of service and additional charge for travel time and related travel expenses.

Remote support services with subscription to our Remote Monitoring Platform is preferred

Customer Support Representative

Operating Practices

Payment Terms

Invoices for service and consulting are submitted on a regular basis for consulting and on-demand service, with payment requested upon receipt.  Invoices for equipment are submitted upon ordering with payment requested prior to delivery. For system integration requiring cabling or above $5000.00, we request payment of all hardware and software at the time of confirmation of the order, with the labour component due at completion of the project.  All invoices include activities performed and the time expended.


Credit Terms

After application and approval for credit, terms of net30 will be provided for the customer.  Our customers are required to make full payment for services upon presentation of invoices within thirty (30) days.  After 30 days, interest at a rate of 2% per month (24% annually) is charged.



Quotations are provided for hardware and software upon request at no cost.  We do not provide quotations for labour, only estimates.  Initial consultation for the purposes of giving a quotation is free, although subsequent consultation for the purposes of providing a network or server solution to the client carries our normal hourly consulting fee.  


Labour for integrations can be estimated, however, our services are provided on a time-basis, and aspects of projects such as third party software vendors, lack of account information necessary for completion of our work, customer’s Internet speed, etc…are difficult to predict, and will affect the final cost of any project estimated.



All information provided to us shall be held in confidence and all confidential materials returned or destroyed at the end of the project.


On-going Support

On-going support is always available from Foresee Computing on an “as required” basis at our regular hourly rate.  Brief telephone call support up to one month after the project is completed is provided at no cost.


Equipment/Software Provision

If a preferred equipment/software supplier has already been selected, we are always pleased to work with the current vendor.  If we are requested to provide quotations, then our personnel will locate the products that meet the client’s needs with competitive prices.


Service Warranty

Foresee Computing will resolve any installation errors or faults reported within 30 days after project completion at no cost to the client.


Hardware & Software Warranty

Vendors provide their own warranty.  All equipment is typically warranted for parts and labour for a minimum of 1 year.  Servers are typically warranted for parts and labour for 3 years.  The software manufacturer typically warrants software, with periods ranging from 30 days to 1 year.  After the initial support period, it is up to the customer to decide if a support contract with the software vendor is necessary or if pay-per-incident support along with our support is adequate.

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